Here is How to Book a Special Occasion Visit! 

If you wish an individual visit making a day a special occasion, there are endless options for you to include. We have listed some of the standard offerings below.

1.Decide what services you want us to provide.

  • Visits—daily, weekly, monthly, on special occasions
  • Gifts—we have a selection of flowers and presents to choose from
  • Activities—re ading, doing a puzzle, playing cards or a game, working on a bio, or just visiting. Once again, we will plan to meet your needs
  • Decorating–wreaths for the door, seasonal centerpieces, holiday items. Choose from our selection or let us make the choice.

2.Our visits will last up to an hour and you will receive a record of the event by text or email.

3.If you have other requests or special instructions please provide it on the message box in the customer sign in page.

Visits Making Any Day A Special Occasion!

We are a group of dedicated experienced service professionals in the Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine and Jacksonville Beaches areas able to be there in person to provide a visit, celebrate an important day, supply gifts and seasonal decorations-services to bring joy to a senior.

Visit For Special Occasions

Our visits are tailored to the individual and we will provide feedback after each meeting

Meeting Your Needs

It is all about you and we will schedule our visits as you request.

Providing Comfort

We are committed to making each visit a special occasion!